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Estate Legacy

You have worked hard and you have earned all that you have today. Perhaps your children have dispersed across the country or started their own families and their own legacy. Maybe you don’t have children and you want all that you have created to live on. Or perhaps you just want to document this beautiful estate you call home.

No matter what your reasons are the Estate Legacy product can help you capture the feeling, the beauty and the love you have for your home. This exclusive book is made from your memories and from your property’s essence. No two estates are the same and no two Estate Legacy books are the same.  This is your chance to capture the uniqueness you call home.

Michael Albany is an award winning estate photographer with over 30 years behind the lens. Born and raised on a 23 acre estate himself he has the ability to capture the feeling of your home. Along with his team of writers, he will spend time with you learning just what it is that you find special and what gives your place the feeling of home.

With the tools of artful photography and the written word Michael and his team will construct a beautiful custom book that will carry the essence of your estate and document it for years to come. With his distinctive attention to meticulous photography and the writer’s ability to craft your legacy’s story, nowhere else will the history of your estate be found in such detail that is special to you and your loved ones.Whether the time has come for you to leave your estate behind or you just want to capture the memories of a lifetime, Michael and his writers will work with you to create a work of art that is only surpassed by the reality of your estate’s legacy.


Now is the time to capture it all with estate photography that will speak to you for generations to come.


Call for a free consultation today and learn how you can preserve the individuality that is your Estate Legacy.


  To contact Michael just give him a call at (610) 476-0862Or use this Contact page! (click here)Email him at